Craft Work

Photo: ash and meranti mirror

When not engaged on specific furniture commissions or on-site joinery projects, I design and manufacture craft items in my workshop.

The smaller pieces can be readily despatched by mail or delivery van, so can make ideal gifts.

Some can be dismantled for despatch and easy re-assembly at their destination.

A range of candle holders, mirrors, clocks and other small pieces is available.

Some designs are clean, modern and simple in form; others are curvaceous and organic, whilst others again use contrasting timbers for decorative effect.

Many items are held in stock; but others, of different colour, size or style can be readily created.

Recent project case study:

Wood is unique as a construction material in that each tree and part thereof is different. Minor cracks, colour variations, wild grain and knots are all to be found in large timber boards. These often add to the decorative appeal of wooden craft work, but can be detrimental to the strength of larger furniture items.

Photo: knotclock

When recently making a pair of Scottish oak shelves to support a client’s home entertainment equipment, I was left with an offcut with a huge dark figured knot. The piece of timber sat in my workshop until I realised the potential of the knot’s radial pattern, which became the face of a mantelshelf clock, with brass numerals surrounding the hands, which rotate around the centre of the knot.