If you want inexpensive, standard sized and ultimately disposable furniture (and we often do), then there is plenty of choice in high street shops and the well-known out of town giant superstores.

If, however, you want something unique, or for a particular location, it may be better to opt for a bespoke item, made to your requirements.

Whether a small but stylish wine rack, a useful blanket box, or a decorative coffee table, made of solid, beautifully grained wood, you will be assured of a piece which will outlast its flat-packed cousins.

Photo: zulu coffee table

A choice of design styles, tones and finishes is available. I often use contrasting timbers in the same piece for visual effect. The dark and lustrous grain of teak, mahogany or walnut can complement the much lighter hues of unstained oak, blond ash or creamy white sycamore. Alternatively, if you want an item to match your existing furniture, this can often be achieved.

Recent project case study:

Photo: spiral plant table

Using reclaimed teak, I designed and made an unusual tall occasional table, for pot plants or ornaments. The spiral design uses more than 30 curved pieces of timber, stacked vertically to create a flowing organic form, which could equally be used for a lower, wider coffee table, or even a dining table.