Inside the House

Edinburgh’s traditional tenements, villas and bungalows are not always suited to modern furniture.

Walls are not straight, skirting boards are too big, and small kitchens, boxrooms and alcoves need to be used efficiently.

Purpose-made, built-in cupboards and wardrobes can be an effective solution, and make good use of high ceilings to achieve maximum storage space.

I have installed a wide range of fitted bookshelves, cupboards and wardrobes, either in fully finished state, or for clients to paint themselves.

photo of wardrobe

In the Garden

Everyone loves to sit outside in the sunshine, but not everyone has the time to keep a perfect garden.

Externally, gardens and paved yards can be made far more user-friendly with timber decking.

I can install decking, repair sheds and fences, and make and fit timber garden gates.

Case Study

A large third floor Marchmont tenement had 3 sizeable boxrooms, but nowhere for the client to escape from his children for office work or computer games. We agreed that the solution was to remove a partition wall between 2 of the boxrooms and to create a small study, with an overhead loft to retain storage space.

This maximised the high ceiling common to Edinburgh’s period flats.

I drew up the plans for submission to Building Control (required due to the wall demolition), removed the partition and installed the new plasterboard lined study, complete with recessed downlighters from the ceiling of the overhead storage deck.

An extension to the electrical ring main ensured plenty of sockets for modern requirements, and flexible shelving provided adequate space for a large book collection.